Workshop lead by Elina Toneva.

The workshop offers: phisical training, voice and rhythmic exercises. Working with halftones, traditional ornaments, rhythms and harmonies, learning monophonic and polyphonic songs from different regions of Bulgaria, learning traditional, ritual bulgarian dances.

Elina Toneva - born in Sofia (Bulgaria). She graduated from Graphic Design Faculty in the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. she was a instructor of Sport and Recreation in Academy of Physical Education in Poznan, instructor of stage movement and singing in Film School in Lodz. She is a instructor of Krav Maga – Israel self-defense and combat system, training expert of marshal arts, combat and self-defense systems. One of the founders of “Ancient Orchestra”. Member of CHOREA Theatre since 2004. One of the leaders in CHOREA's educational and workshop program. Instructor of traditional Balkan vocal and dance techniques. Experianced in leading fisical, vocal, and dance workshops for actors, musicians, dancers and theatre instructors all over the world. Theatre workshop leader, physical theatre training specialist, vocalist, actress. She leaded extensive research in the field of traditional music, folklore and rituals in Bulgaria and searched for the oldest surviving examples of epic songs in the living tradition. Specialist in the traditional Bulgarian folk music. She knows folk songs from different regions of Bulgaria with a particular penchant for the songs from Rhodope Mountains.

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