We should be...


Based on monologues of Anastazja Bakhtyukova and Michał Rudkowski form CHOREA Youth Theatre Group
Creators: Youth Theatre Group, CHOREA Theatre
Direction and choreography: Wiktor Moraczewski, Janusz Adam Biedrzycki
Scenario and dramaturgy: Katarzyna Mańko
Music: Paweł Odorowicz / Endless Tree Production
Costumes and stage design: Kinga Kubiak
Artistic guardianship: Katarzyna Wielechowska
Light: Tomasz Krukowski
Sound: Marcin Dobijański
Cast: Anastazja Bakhtyukova, Michał Rudkowski (Youth Theatre Group)

Premiere: 29.05. 2021, Stage in Art_Inkubator in Art Factory in Lodz, Festiwal "Touch the Theatre" / "Dotknij Teatru" 2021

Duration: 60 minutes (no intermissions)
Viewers' age: 16 + 


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Performance "We should be... An impression on several verbs" / „Powinniśmy być... Impresja na kilka czasowników” 
Based on the monologues of Anastazja Bakhtyukova and Michał Rudkowski form Youth Theatre Group in CHOREA Theatre.

“We should be… An impression on several verbs”is an intimate tale - a proclamation of the existence of two young dancers - based on their patchwork-like life stories, as if they were diary entries. The impression symbolises the process of individual’s battle with their inner "Self"', the split connected with the clash between the individual and a group, for the members of which it is difficult to keep their integrity.  

“We would like to react to the surrounding reality. Stage is the place where we can feel, it allows us to cross our boundaries, we can shout it out - shout it through movement. We have created impression of ourselves as for whom we would like to become, who we are and how we are perceived (or we would like to be perceived), an impression made of emotions and senses. We scrutinise our dreams, frustrations and fears. It is an impression, a confrontation but also a meeting with own “self” and an attempt to understand it. We keep asking this constantly reoccurring question: “What does it mean to be true to yourself and why is it so hard to apply it in everyday life?” (Anastazja Bakhtyukova, Michał Rudkowski)


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