About Love


Autors of the project: Julia Jakubowska, Paweł Korbus
Premiere: 29.03.2014, Fabryka Sztuki in Lodz


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Word - emotion - expression - release

Artistic analysis of love...

Talking about love is a never ending story... You can never stop talking about love...

Project "About Love" is an analysis of contemporary artistic language concerning the issues of love in all its aspects. From the sublime emotions, butterflies in the stomach, affirmation of the beauty and the other person, by Internet porn sites, betrayal, sex for money, and many faces of perversion, emotional and physical. By creating the alphabets of love you can participate in our study of love, but most of all you became a co-creator of our performance.

Can love be something common to people with different worldviews, ethics, sexual preferences? How is our city talking about love? How the performance speaks about love? How the theater speaks about love? How do I speak? The release of the language of love...


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